Consignment, authentication, personal shopping and wish list


You will receive 70% (seventy percent) of the final sale price. In the event I am having a 10% sale, you will receive 65%. The rules are easy: you (i) cannot “need” the money and (ii) must be patient; and (iii) scarves should be in good to excellent condition (no holes or bad stains), recently cleaned and unwrinkled. I ask that you please leave your item(s) with me for six months. There will be an unstocking fee of $45 per item if you do not. There is no limit as to how long your item(s) can remain on the site. Please use the form below to begin the consignment process.


This can usually be achieved with pictures, which should include one full and four quadrants, as well as detail showing the title, copyright and designer signature. Authentication cannot be achieved with blurry or wrinkled pictures. Use the form below, attaching pictures and including a link to the listing if there is/was one.

Personal Shopping

Please use the form below to begin a Personal Shopping request.  Be sure to include a picture of the item(s).  Unless otherwise agreed upon, there is a 20% fee for sourcing/procuring an Hermes item.

Wish List

Not to be confused with personal shopping! Please use the form below to add to your wish list. Include reference/colorway numbers and pictures.